Residential Services of Tulsa has been doing kitchen remodeling in the Tulsa area for over 30 years.  We made a conscious decision a long time ago to never compromise. Large projects or small, we strive to deliver quality and excellence in every job we do. 

Details matter! We work very hard to help each of our clients have the kitchen of their dreams.  A successful kitchen remodel not only looks good, but functions exactly the way the family needs and wants it to.

Visit our Showroom!  Our showroom features many of the products clients will need to complete any kitchen remodeling project.  We also offer design services and ideas.  Contact Residential Services of Tulsa today and let’s get started!  Phone 918-664-1000.


Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens are a unique blend of traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. This kitchen style has become very popular over the last several years.

Commonly known as a timeless kitchen, a transitional kitchen remodel provides homeowners with a simpler, more updated look.

Neutral colors, clean lines and simple moldings are typical in a transitional kitchen as compared to a more traditional look, which typically incorporated more curves and other ornate detail in both the cabinetry and moldings.    Despite their simplicity, transitional kitchens can be stunning!

Let Residential Services of Tulsa guide you through the entire design, selection, and renovation process so you can enjoy your very own simply elegant transitional kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens, aka, modern kitchen designs feature sleek, clean, glossy surfaces and simple lines. Modern, contemporary cabinets generally do not have crown moldings and generally have flat surfaces. In fact, simplicity and a minimalist approach are typical in designing a contemporary kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen renovation often incorporates the use of metals, glass, concrete and even plastic to their design. Contemporary kitchen remodels deliver modern functionality, appropriate for any size home and many budgets, with simple elegance and beauty at the heart of it all.

Let Residential Services of Tulsa guide you through the entire design and remodel process as you create your very own unique and elegant contemporary kitchen.

Traditional Kitchens

In an ever-changing world, it’s natural to think that design and styles also change with time. Although this may be true, one style still seems to prevail, one that defines luxury and elegance regardless of time. Together with design and style, traditional kitchens deliver a warm and classic look that incorporates soft and muted colors.

Traditional kitchen signifies high quality craftsmanship from every aspect of design. These kitchen designs never compromise on significant details such as hand-carved woods, crown moldings and other details. Character remains at the heart of this elegant design in the light of age and beauty it represents.

Let Residential Services of Tulsa guide you through the design and selection process in creating your very own traditional kitchen.


Residential Services of Tulsa is one of the few Tulsa remodeling companies with a showroom.  The RST team will be happy to help you not only plan and design your kitchen, we can help you select the right cabinets, countertops, and flooring that will make your new kitchen both beautiful and functional.  

Once your plans are finalized, the RST team will execute that plan professionally, in a timely and trustworthy manner.

Make plans to visit our showroom.   Call 918-664-1000 today.  Make your dream kitchen a reality!